Solar Packs

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Don't forget to to take extreme care of your skin in summer.

The skin is the organ most exposed to external agents, especially solar radiation. This is the the main cause of photoagingthat is to say, the premature appearance of wrinkles, expression lines and spots. In addition, it has been dt has also been shown that the sun's rays also generate free radicals that degrade that degrade collagen and elastin production.

Exposure to the sun without protection will generate visible and visible and irreparable damage to the skin by altering the DNA structure. For this reason, we have prepared different packs of sunsun cosmetics to protect, moisturize and repair the skin during the hottest months of the year. Although remember that sun protection is "compulsory" 365 days a year.365 days a year if you want to keep your skin young and healthy.

What products to use in summer?

All ours summer cosmetic packs include the include the necessary cosmetic products for skin pampering such as after sun to soothe the skin after exposure to the sun, tosun exposure, aloe vera gel to moisturize or sunscreen to effectively protect the skin.

When to use sunscreenWhen to use sunscreen for the face?

Sunscreen is the best-kept secret of young, even and healthy skin. healthy, even and youthful skin.. It creates a protective barrier on the face that will prevent UVA and UVB rays from penetrating the skin and causing cell damage.

At Arganour we recommend using sunscreen SPF50 365 days a year, por more than rain or snow. Believe it or not, the sun's rays do not stop hitting the skin, and often cause irreparable damage to the skin.

¿How to take care of the skin after sunbathing?

After sunbathing, the skin needs to be pampered. Solar radiation dehydrates, accelerates aging and, in many cases, causes sunburn. Therefore, after a day at the beach or pool, it is important to moisturize and restore the skin with products that are suitable for all skin types.and restore the skin with specific products specific products.

Our cosmetic packs for sun care sun care cosmetics include products for all skin types.