Essential oils

Enjoy the best that nature has to offer with our essential oils. A wide range of pure essential oils pure that stimulate the senses and help to care for skin and hair thanks to their countless properties and benefits.

By using an essential oil, you will achieve the perfect physical, mental and emotional balance.

What are essential oils?

Essential oilsalso known as flower essence, are extracted by distillation from flowers, seeds, fruits and aromatic plants. flowers, seeds, fruits and aromatic plants. Thanks to the distillation process, the properties and purity of the oils are kept intact.

The essential oils of Arganour essential oils are 100% pure and can be used for skin care, hair care and even for aromatherapy. aromatherapy. On Arganour you have a pack of essential oils for aromatherapy.

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How to use essential oils?

The natural essential oils are characterized by being very concentrated, so they should not be applied directly on the skin as they can irritate and alter the skin.

If you want to apply essential oil on the skin, either on the face or on the body, mix it beforehand with a serum facial serum or moisturizer. It is recommended to mix a couple of drops of essential oil for every 10ml of cream or serum. serum.

In case you want to apply the essential oil on your hair, you should also mix it before with your natural shampoo or conditioner. Ideally, mix 5 drops of essential oil for every 10 ml of shampoo.

Can essential oils be used during pregnancy?

No. During pregnancy and breastfeeding, we advise against using pure essential oils because they can enter the bloodstream and alter the development of the fetus. If you want to use a natural oil, it is best to opt for vegetable oils.

Essential oils for aromatherapy

Essential oils are the best choice for aromatherapy. Mix several drops of essential oil in a humidifier with water and let the room be impregnated with its aroma. It will activate the sensestivate the senses providing a pleasant calm and sense of well-being.

Each essential oil has a different function. If you want to enjoy aromatherapy to the fullest, choose the one that best suits your needs. On Arganour we have a wide variety of essential oils for humidifier.

Types of essential oils

Each essential oil has its own benefits and properties. For hair care, the best is to use the peppermint essential oilessential oil, eucalyptus eucalyptus oil or rosemary oil for hair. Both oils have proven to be more effective than Minoxidil.

For skin care, we recommend the use of orange oil or tea tree oil for pimples and blackheads.

The citronella oil you can apply it in a humidifier to keep insects away, while the oil essential oil lavender essential oil is perfect for relieving headaches and reducing stress.

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