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Do you shave your beard? If so, you need toue saber that, although the shaving is not a risk, in many cases it can irritate and alter and alter the skin. Regardless of whether you use maquirazor, shaver or beard trimmer. razor, shaver or beard trimmer.

If too much pressure is exerted during shaving, the skin is dry or the razor blades are in poor condition, it is likely that small wounds, cuts and cuts will appear. small wounds are likely to appear, stinging, rashes and irritations are likely to occur. That is why it is important to soothe and moisturize the skin with with men's skin care products such as after shave.

What do after shave after shave shave?

A aftershave is one of the most famous products ofntro of men's cosmetics. Its main function is to create a film on the skin to moisturizethe in depthd. In addition, it soothes irritations, relieves discomfort and restores the skin after shaving, soothes irritations, relieves discomfort and restores the skin after shaving.

Thanks to this post-shave after shave, the skin regains its comfort, elasticity and softness..

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What happens if I don't use an after shave?

In case you shave your beard and do not use an after shave lotion shave lotion afterwards, your skin will probably feel drier, reddened, tight and dull.

Te recommend always using aftershave after shaving your beard to restore the skin and avoid the feeling of tightness.. Find out more about what is an aftershave shave in this post.