Multifunctional serum for men

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What is male skin like?

Did you know that men's skin is thicker than women's skin? The fact is that men's skin is characterized by having more glands sebaceous glandsand produce more collagen and have more open pores. For this reason, men tend to age later and have oily skin and even pimples or acne.

How to take care of men's skin?

The facial care for men is just as important as for women. On Arganour we formulate men's cosmetics for all skin types and needs such as the serum multifunctional serum for men. An all-in-one all-in-one cream cream for men's face that provides all the nutrients and care you need: moisturizing and anti-aging. anti-aging.

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Most of our men's cosmetics have received awards at the Orgànics Clean Awards 2024: serum for men, beard oil y after shave.

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